Saturday May 5th 10-11am
May 5th is National Dog Park Day.
Join us at 10am for coffee and treats on the lawn
right next to the small dog park as we discuss next steps for the park, lawn and hardscaping challenges and other items.

2018-Year of the Dog!

Well, let's be honest, every year is the "year of the dog!"

Best Friend Boards are Here!

Memorialize your four-legged best friend with a permanent placement in the Canine Corral.

Each placement is a 8" x 8" high resolution digital image.
There are two formats for you to choose from- Tribute and In Memorium.
Select the one that is right for you, and you will be contacted about where to send your image
and desired text for insertion into the format of your choice.


"In Memorium" Template                                         "Tribute" Template

These templates give a general idea of the finished product.
The final product will be based on variances due to the pet photo and text provided.

Generally, allow up to 6 weeks for the image to be placed in the park.


Thank you to everyone who does their part by emptying the poop cans and refilling the bag dispensers!


Did you know that the membership dues pay for all the poop bags (30,000 plus annually), scoopers and trash cans inside the park?

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